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VLC for Windows 8 RT: A Guide to the Features and Benefits

Two days after a revamped version of the VLC Windows 8.1 app went live in the Windows Store, a new update to that app finally adds support for Windows RT. That means owners of the Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets, among other Windows RT-based products, can check out the popular media player for the first time.

download vlc player for windows 8 rt

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. After much delay, it is now available for Windows RT devices including Surface RT and Surface 2.

VLC has taken a long time doing this, but finally, its here. VLC Media Player which has been one of the most widely used video players is now available for download in the all new Metro 9Modern) avatar, further expanding the collection of Media Players on Windows Store. VLC, as always is capable of playing most of the video formats. So if you have a video file encoded in MKV or FLAK, download the VLC Player.

As expected, the app comes with minimalistic features and function set, making it a perfect fit for the users using a touch enabled Windows 8 device. One thing to note here is that this app is the direct port of the Windows RT version of the player, hence some functionality might be limited and there can definitely be some hidden bugs.

Legal Report Trademark Abuse VideoLAN, VLC, VLC media player and x264 are trademarks internationally registered by the VideoLAN non-profit organization. VideoLAN software is licensed under various open-source licenses: use and distribution are defined by each software license.

Among all media player software you can find, there is only one that always stands out, VLC. This media player can play virtually any type of media files regardless of the extension. Today the team behind the open source project has announced a new version of VLC for Windows 8.1, and you can download the latest build visiting the link at the bottom of this article.

As such, the presence of any good news is amplified considerably. Therefore the news that VLC for Windows RT is now live on the Windows Store should come as something of a relief. Proud owners of Windows RT tablets can now enjoy the unadulterated loveliness of almost universal video and audio codec support. Announced by Thomas Nigro, who also developed the VLC for Windows Phone app, on Twitter earlier in the day, users can head to the Windows Store using the link below to download the app.

VLC Media Player for Windows 8.1 - universal program for playing audio and video files. It supports many formats, which has gained popularity among users. Product size is small, quickly downloaded and installed.

The latest version of the updated interface, modern design, flexible settings. The number of supported formats is impressive, the program interacts with almost all known extensions. There is the possibility of using hot keys. You can free download VLC Media Player official latest version for Windows 8.1 in English.

1. VLC can be applied to all operating systems including fuzzy BeOS system and mobiles (iOS, Android, Windows, WinRT). Therefore, no matter what your system is, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or even BSD, Solaris, Window 8 RT, you can download VLC for them all.

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3. In regard of creativity and functionality, VLC has created an open source code and generated free decoding and encoding library, which enables VLC to support a wide variety of video formats. It also allows you to play incomplete and damaged video files, handles file conversions as well as editing, and integrates online video with web channel streaming. By downloading VLC, all those demands can be well met.

* VLC free download from online download websites; You can free download VLC Mac and Windows version from websites such as CNET, Softonic and Filehippo, so that you can at the same time view users' feedback, download records, comments and ratings to know more about the version you are about to download.

* VLC free download from official website;By entering in the VLC official website VideoLAN, you can choose to download VLC zip package for Windows XP, SP2 or later systems with or without installers, download VLC for windows x64, or download VLC latest source code. You can also free download VLC 64 bits for OS X, download 32&64 bits VLC universal package, or choose to download the corresponding source code etc. Choices can be more complete here.

However, VLC has its own shortages. Occasionally, VLC will encounter hitches while playing 4K, MKV, HD videos or audio files. It is incapable of performing Windows AirPlay, and its download and conversion procedures are cockamamie and fussy, which can be quite time consuming in fulfilling those tasks. In addition, the VLC is obviously and extremely bug-ridden. Since it's not rocket science, the more functions and features the player has, the more bugs and defects it will embrace. Therefore, we suggest a VLC download alternative for you to switch in between if VLC goes wrong.

VLC Download alternative - 5KPlayer is at present designed only for Mac and Windows. It rivals VLC in 4K/5K video playing, audio video download, file conversion, and exceeds in AirPlay. 5KPlayer supports videos and music of almost all formats including MKV, MP4, MOV, M4V, FLV, AVI, M4A, MP3, FLAC, etc. and is quite good at playing videos of high resolution like 4K/5K movies, 1080p videos. It's also a great region free DVD player that can play and even copy the protected DVDs. Besides, 5KPlayer supports radio playing from online websites, offering many radio stations like, BBC and iHeart for you to choose from.

5KPlayer is a great HD video music player to be downloaded as a VLC alternative. It plays almost all file formats, helps to free download TV series (Game of Throne 5)/movies, videos from over 300 video sharing sites and stream online music, and make conversions for users just as smoothly and efficiently as VLC player and even better. Moreover, the AirPlay enabled 5KPlayer for Windows bridges the gap between Mac and Windows, which benefits users in cross-screen-and-platform playbacks.

VLC (also known as VLC player, VLC Media Player) is a free and open-source, portable, cross-platform media player and streaming media server. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android and more OS.

This media player plays most multimedia files with no codec packs needed as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.VLC plays Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams. VLC has hardware decoding on most platforms. It supports 0-copy on the GPU and can fallback on software when required. VLC has the most complete feature-set over the video, subtitle synchronisation, video and audio filters.

VLC media player (previously the VideoLAN Client and commonly known as simply VLC) is a free and open-source, portable, cross-platform media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. VLC is available for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS and iPadOS. VLC is also available on digital distribution platforms such as Apple's App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store.

The default distribution of VLC includes many free decoding and encoding libraries, avoiding the need for finding/calibrating proprietary plugins. The libavcodec library from the FFmpeg project provides many of VLC's codecs, but the player mainly[15] uses its own muxers and demuxers. It also has its own protocol implementations. It also gained distinction as the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux and macOS by using the libdvdcss DVD decryption library; however, this library is legally controversial and is not included in many software repositories of Linux distributions as a result.[16][17] It is available on iOS under the MPLv2.[18]

The VideoLAN software originated as a French academic project in 1996. VLC used to stand for "VideoLAN Client" when VLC was a client of the VideoLAN project. Since VLC is no longer merely a client, that initialism no longer applies.[19][20] It was intended to consist of a client and server to stream videos from satellite dishes across a campus network. Originally developed by students at the École Centrale Paris, it is now developed by contributors worldwide and is coordinated by VideoLAN, a non-profit organization. Rewritten from scratch in 1998, it was released under GNU General Public License on February 1, 2001, with authorization from the headmaster of the École Centrale Paris. The functionality of the server-program, VideoLan Server (VLS), has mostly been subsumed into VLC and has been deprecated.[21] The project name has been changed to VLC media player because there is no longer a client/server infrastructure.

In 2007 the VLC project decided, for license compatibility reasons, not to upgrade to the just-released GPLv3.[23] After 13 years of development, version 1.0.0 of VLC media player was released on July 7, 2009.[24] Work began on VLC for Android in 2010 and it has been available for Android devices on the Google Play store since 2011.[25][26] In September 2010, a company named "Applidium" developed a VLC port for iOS under GPLv2 with the endorsement of the VLC project, which was accepted by Apple for their App Store.[27][28] In January 2011, after VLC developer Rémi Denis-Courmont's complaint to Apple about the licensing conflict between the VLC's GPLv2 and the App store's policies,[29] the VLC had been withdrawn from the Apple App Store by Apple.[30] Subsequently, in October 2011 the VLC authors began to relicense the engine parts of VLC from the GPL-2.0-or-later to the LGPL-2.1-or-later to achieve better license compatibility, for instance with the Apple App Store.[31][32][33][34] In July 2013 the VLC application could be resubmitted to the iOS App Store under the MPL-2.0.[35] Version 2.0.0 of VLC media player was released on February 18, 2012.[12][36] The version for the Windows Store was released on March 13, 2014. Support for Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox One were added later.[37] As of 2016[update] VLC is the third in the overall download count,[38] and there have been more than 3 billion downloads.[39]


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