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Meat Log Mountain Second Date Hit

State of play: "One last moist storm system" would impact parts of California Monday with locally heavy rain, mountain snow and gusty winds, the National Weather Service said in a forecast update Monday night.

Meat Log Mountain Second Date Hit

By the numbers: As of Monday, mountain snowpack statewide is at 247% of average for the date, and 120% of average for April 1, which is the typical seasonal peak, according to the California Cooperative Snow Surveys.

Our typical turn-around time for processing during the peak season is approximately 1 week. At the time the animal is dropped off, you are given a specific pick-up date and pick-up hours for the specific pick-up date. Our "storage fees" are explained and this information will also be printed on your copy of the work order, which is signed by the person that you entrusted to drop off your meat. If the meat is dropped off by someone other than the hunter, it will be the hunter's responsibility to get a copy of the claim ticket and understand the pick-up procedure so that we can try to accommodate as many hunters as possible. We understand that things come up and you can't get to the happens to all of us, but please comply with the policy and pay the fee so that you can get home and enjoy the meat, and we can get another animal into the freezer! We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding of this policy!

Your carcass/meat will be assigned a tracking number at the time of drop off. You will be given a copy of your work order (also referred to as your claim ticket) when the meat is dropped off and this must be presented when the meat is picked up. This copy proves ownership of the meat. The original work order will be secured to the carcass/meat once it has been cleaned and it goes into the cooler. As the meat is deboned and cleaned, the work order will travel with the primals and/or trim throughout the process. While not impossible, it is extremely time consuming to try and locate a particular order when it is in the processing stage since the work order is secured to the meat in a cooler, amongst all other animals that are currently in process. Changing an order would decrease/increase product amounts, and several things are dependent on the original order (staffing, pick-up date, oven capacity, etc.) We understand that you may have forgotten to order something, the person who you sent in to drop off gave an incorrect order, or you may have changed your mind after discussing with others. However, by explaining our processing system to you we hope you can better understand our reasoning and why it is not feasible for us to do an order change.

Dear Steve-On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010, I came into your store to pick up my antelope from processing. As I told your cashier how I worked all summer to pay for my hunting fees this fall, he was nice enough to give me a discount from my total. Overall, this gentleman was extremely nice. He was polite in every manner, and as we were hauling the meat out the door, he gave me a free camo ball-cap with Steve's Meat Market written on the front of it. With this only being my second time bringing my meat to Steve's (only my second animal that I have harvested), the personnel working there were very friendly. Everything that we have ever ordered from Steve's has tasted great, and have not been disappointed by anything yet.

Cold running water is available in the washrooms. Blankets and pillows will no longer be provided at the huts but sleeping bag, pillows, and gear rentals are available through Effortless Adventures. Dinner and breakfast are included with your stay. Dinner is served family-style at 6:00 PM sharp and includes fresh bread, soup or salad, a hearty entrée, and dessert. Breakfast is served family-style at 7:00 AM sharp and includes eggs with pancakes or a baked good, plus hot cereal, fruit, and breakfast meat, such as bacon or sausage, with coffee, cocoa, or tea. Please notify AMC Contact Service Center if you have food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Bring your own lunch; otherwise, soup and baked goods are available for purchase from 10 AM to 5 PM during operating dates. Please carry in/carry out all personal trash and recyclables, in accordance with Leave No Trace protocol. 350c69d7ab


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