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Master Distributors Inc.
Master Distributors Inc.

Buy the Cash Drawer your Business Needs from Master Distributors

In today's tech-driven high-paced world, businesses need to adapt to new technology and workflows to ensure customer satisfaction and thrive. From manufacturing to retail- every niche has undergone tremendous transformation since the industrial age. 

So, gone are the days when a single salesperson completes transactions, and keeps up with store sales and inventory in a notepad. This is the age of digitized cash drawers and registers. 

Cash drawers today perform a wide array of functions. Along with cash safekeeping, they also record sales, keep track of inventory, and perform bookkeeping with barcode scanning capabilities. It's not just a safe way of doing business - it's your automatic salesperson.

At Master Distributors, we have high-quality cash drawers with a host of advanced features. Whether you're a small business looking for simple cash storage solutions or a large enterprise in need of advanced cash drawers - we have the leading stock from reputed manufacturers like Brother, Epson, Star Micronics, Panasonic, Casio, and more. Browse through our website to find the latest collection of cash drawers at unbeatable prices. 

Types of Cash Drawers at Master Distributors

·        Manual Cash Drawers

Manual Cash drawers are lock-and-key boxes that are low-cost solutions for small stores with a small workforce. 

·        Automatic Cash Drawers

We also have a wide range of automatic cash drawers powered by a printer or USB. With a host of connectivity options including Bluetooth, Android, and iOS, our range of automatic cash drawers is ideal for high-volume environments. 

Find the best cash drawer for your business at our website, or call 1-888-905-7008 to know more about cash drawers. 



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