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Windows 8 RedPill Activator And Unlock Features On Download [HOT]

furthermore, we have completely revamped the start menu. it now features fewer entries and you can simply use the touch gestures to scroll through your apps. in particular, your start menu will be automatically clean in case you just installed an app and a third-party taskbar from third-party sources. also, you can now pin folders to the start menu directly through the file explorer.

Windows 8 RedPill activator and unlock features on download

Download File:

the windows store has also had some changes. you will notice that in the recently categories, you will now find all your apps. not only that, you can also see all the apps sorted by categories. this includes all the apps from the apps that are not downloaded, as well as the apps that are downloaded.

furthermore, the settings app has a new taskbar section in the all tasks. the new section will show all the apps that are running in the background. not only that, it will also give you a way to see all the background download activity. you can also still switch your credentials for these apps on the about section. the update and security section is going through some changes as well.

update and security: on windows 10, you could choose between automatic and custom update options. on windows 11, you will now get three options: windows update, windows media center, and windows installer. on the right side, you can now choose which apps to run each time you run the applications.

lastly, the upgrade is also available as a free upgrade for users that you already own windows 8. the new windows will be applied automatically, making sure that you dont experience any issues with the installation process. if you dont have windows 8 installed, you will be prompted to update. the upgrade will be a 10gb download.


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