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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

LabStats: The Only Software & Hardware Monitoring Tool You Need

LabStats is an effective software and hardware monitoring tool that helps higher education institutions discover when, where, and how their software and hardware are being used across campus.

Originally developed as a tool for effective deployment of software, LabStats tracks and monitors usage of your IT assets to help you make informed decisions.

Your lab manager can have an in-depth insight into real-time statistics across your IT environment. LabStats identifies the most used and least used software, tracks who is using the software and how helps manage all upcoming license renewals and negotiations, and tracks all university-owned PCs and laptops across campus. All this info is compiled in a detailed report and provided to the administrator.

Cutting-edge Features

·        Automated Tracking

LabStats can be quickly installed with its comprehensive application library and starts tracking immediately. 

·        Software Data

Get the complete picture of your software including install and usage data.

·        Hardware Usage

Analyze when, how, and by whom hardware is being used across your campus, including peak usage hours, average login per lab, usage hotspots, and student accessibility.

·        LabFind

Your students and staff can easily find the nearest available hardware using LabFind at LabStats. 

·        Remote Access

LabStats also lets your students connect to remote campus devices at any time.

Optimize your Software & Hardware Utilization 

LabStats offers campus-wide reporting and monitoring solutions. Improve efficiency today with a free trial. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to


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