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Where To Buy Park Place Mattress

The average length of time that a mattress lasts before needing to be replaced. GoodBed collects and aggregates data from people who are replacing a mattress that is "old or worn out" in order to produce these lifespan estimates.

where to buy park place mattress

I too purchased a Park Place mattress, & it is the worst mattress I have ever owned. It does sag extremely bad where we sleep & it did so about a month after purchasing it. I will never buy another Park Place ever & I tell everyone I know who is looking for a new mattress to avoid buying a Park Place mattress. I was proud to purchase an "American made" product, but in this case I'll be buying from a different company!

I went out and paid 800.00 on a park place that I have had nothing but problems with. After sleeping on it for 3 weeks I headed back to the store who refussed to do anything to make this problem go away...I try back two more times and now I have lost the sales slip and the store again told me nothing can be done with out it. SO I was stuck with a bad mattress. Now I find 6 months later the metal is starting to poke thru but now that I am moving into a new house I find in packing the sales slip for the mattress. SO I go to the store and is told sometime soon I will be called and soon after that someone will come look at it and see if its cover...I just found myself in the need of a nother mattress for the guest room in the new house and the first thing I said to the sales clerk in the other stores I just visited SHOW ME ANYTHING BUT PARK PLACE...this mattress is not good to sleep on and its falling apart. I would love to see what shape its in when its 5 yrs. old. and as for calling them then never answer the phone...I have called them countless time all different times no one answers.

I have a Park Place and I have problems with mine. I have not call anyone but our local dealer. Our matress has a lump! right up the middle. At first this bed was the best ever, then about 2 months of sleeping on it, where we sleep sunk in (BADLY) I was told that it had to be a 4" hole. Well I am in the process of file a complant with company, but I keep reading bad storys about this. Someone said its could be the support system used. Well I got the Matress and box spring that matched. So people that don't sleep on my mattress can say it is a crazy complaint.

Minneapolis residents: You may place your mattress next to your garbage cart on recycling week only. Please post a sign or write on the item "For Solid Waste." The mattress will be picked up on the next business day after recycling day. For more information, go to the City of Minneapolis website.

Yes, you can! You will be able to easily create an account and apply online. Once your application has been processed we will generate a lease for your new home! Email us at if you have any questions. 041b061a72


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