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Easy Method for Calculating Football Bets for Beginners

To bet effectively, besides understanding the gameplay or some basic rules, knowing how to calculate football bets is also an important topic that players should be aware of. Once you clearly understand how to calculate the bets, you can determine the amount of money you will win or lose based on the match results. In the article below, we will help you gain a better understanding of this issue!

Related Terms in Calculating Football Bets

When referring to calculating football bets, players should understand some related terms as follows:

  • Odds: represent the percentage of a player's bet, determining the amount they receive if they win. Amount won based on odds = Bet amount X odds

  • Winning in full means the player wins entirely and receives the full amount of the winning bet. The amount won in full = Bet amount X match odds.

  • Half win: The player wins half and receives half the amount compared to winning in full. Profit = (Bet amount / 2) X odds.

  • Losing in full: The player loses the entire bet amount they placed and receives no money. The amount lost in the entire match = Bet amount for the match X initial odds provided by win football prediction.

  • Half loss: The player loses and only gets back half of the initial bet amount. Meanwhile, half of the bet amount is lost to another player. Amount lost in the match = 1/2 X Bet amount placed on that match.

Detailed Guide to Super Simple Football Bet Calculations

When participating in sports betting, players certainly aim to win and earn enough money. However, losing bets is still a situation that players cannot avoid. So how do you calculate football bets in these two cases? Everything will be detailedly answered in the information below:

How to calculate football bets when winning bets

When betting on football, there are two issues that players need to pay attention to: the amount of money you place on the table and the odds provided by the bookmaker. Then, there will be 2 scenarios that you will encounter:

Winning half of the bet amount

Winning the full bet amount

With the formulas listed above, how to calculate football bets will be determined as follows:

When the player wins half of the bet amount:

If you win half of the bet amount, you will receive half the amount compared to the initial bet amount: (Bet amount / 2) X match odds provided by the best tips 1×2.

Let's see the example below to understand more clearly how to calculate the full or half win when participating in betting:

You participate in a football match with the odds provided by Wintips is 2.4. You decide to bet 500,000 VND on this match and the result is half win. Then, if the player wants to calculate the amount received, it will be based on the following formula:

Odds = (2.4 + 1) / 2 = 1.2

Total amount received = Bet amount X Match odds = 500,000 X 1.2 = 600,000 VND

In this case, you will receive 600,000 VND if you win half.

When the player wins the full bet amount:

The amount received will be equal to the initial bet amount based on the odds they placed for the match. How to calculate football bets will be as follows: Amount earned = Initial bet amount X Match odds.

Example: If the odds of the match you are participating in are 2.4 and the player has bet 500,000 VND, then, if they win the full bet amount, the amount they will receive is: 500,000 X 2.4 = 1,200,000 VND.

So, if the half win result is half of the full win result, that means you have calculated correctly.

Win enough to earn 1,200,000 VND

Win half to earn 600,000 thousand

How to calculate football bets when losing bets

Similar to calculating money when winning bets, losing bets and losing a specific amount of money will be divided into 2 scenarios: losing half and losing the entire match (all). Then, the calculation formula will be applied as follows:

Amount lost half = 1/2 X Bet amount is the amount you will lose when betting half

Amount lost for the entire match = Bet amount for the match X Initial match odds is how to calculate the amount lost if you bet for the entire match.

Follow the example below to understand more clearly how to calculate money:

Example: You bet on a match with an amount of 800,000 VND and odds of 1.2. The result of the match is that you lose partially, at this point the amount that the player loses will be:

Amount lost half = (800,000 / 2) x 1.2 = 480,000 VND.

When the player places a bet and loses the entire match: At this point, the player will lose the entire bet amount and the odds they placed for the bookmaker. In this case, the following method of calculating football bets will be applied:

Total amount lost = 800,000 X 1.2 = 960,000 VND.

So, the ratio of half loss = ½ ratio of full loss means you have calculated correctly.


Above is our complete sharing on the easiest way to calculate football bets. We hope you can apply it successfully and have the best betting experience at 1/1 odds analysis!


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