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Emcopy Download !FREE!

How to Download and Use EMCOPY for File Migration

EMCOPY is a command-line Windows tool that was developed by Dell Technologies to aid the migration of data between file systems. It can be used to migrate data to PowerStore from any supported Dell storage system or third-party storage system. EMCOPY supports the SMB protocol and has awareness for file-system-access-control settings. This support allows this information to be migrated along with the files themselves. EMCOPY can be configured to run regularly on the same file systems to establish an asynchronous host-based replication session. Only modified file system data is transferred when EMCOPY is run on the same file system multiple times.

Emcopy Download


In this article, we will show you how to download and use EMCOPY for file migration.

How to Download EMCOPY

EMCOPY is available as a free download from Dell Support. You need to have a valid account and login credentials to access the download page. You can find the link to the download page here[^1^]. The download file is a password-protected ZIP file that contains the EMCOPY executable and a user guide. The password for the ZIP file is "emcopy" (without quotes) [^2^]. You can extract the ZIP file to any location on your Windows machine where you want to run EMCOPY.

How to Use EMCOPY

EMCOPY is a command-line tool that requires you to specify the source and destination paths for the file migration. You can also specify various options and parameters to customize the migration process. For example, you can use the /sec option to copy security information such as permissions and ownership, or use the /purge option to delete files from the destination that are not present in the source. You can find a complete list of options and parameters in the user guide that comes with the download file.

To run EMCOPY, you need to open a command prompt window and navigate to the location where you extracted the ZIP file. Then, you can type emcopy followed by the source path, destination path, and any options or parameters you want to use. For example, if you want to copy all files from C:\source to D:\destination with security information and purge option, you can type:

emcopy C:\source D:\destination /sec /purge

You can also use wildcards (*) to copy multiple files or folders that match a certain pattern. For example, if you want to copy only text files from C:\source to D:\destination, you can type:

emcopy C:\source\*.txt D:\destination

EMCOPY will display the progress and status of the migration process on the command prompt window. You can also use the /log option to create a log file that records the details of each file copy operation.


EMCOPY is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you migrate data between file systems with ease and efficiency. It supports various protocols, settings, and options that allow you to customize the migration process according to your needs. You can download EMCOPY for free from Dell Support and use it on any Windows machine where you have access rights to both source and destination paths. c481cea774


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