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Code Activation Gcompris 12

Note: If your system doesn't have OpenGL 2 support or if it's not working properly, please add the option "--software-renderer" at the end of the last line of the script Another way is to edit the configuration file (in /.config/gcompris-qt/gcompris-qt.conf): find the line renderer=auto , replace auto with software and save the file.

Code Activation Gcompris 12

Download Zip:

On GNU/Linux, if your language is not available, select another language support on your distribution to add it. In most cases, you have to install an additional package 'locale-xx' or 'language-pack-xx' - xx is a language code such as 'En' for English -.

You can create a desktop launcher for the children and pass in it the options you need (--config-dir and/or --database). Here's an example: "C:\Program Files\Gcompris\gcompris.exe" -b C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\gcconfig\gc.db

You can create another desktop launcher for the teacher. It must include the --administration option and the --database that points to your database. Here's an example: "C:\Program Files\Gcompris\gcompris.exe" -a -b C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\gcconfig\gc.db

You can create a desktop launcher for the children and pass in it the options you need (--config-dir and/or --database). Here's an example: "C:\Program Files\Gcompris\gcompris.exe" -b C:\Users\Public\gcconfig\gc.db

You can create another desktop launcher for the teacher. It must include the --administration option and the --database that points to your database. Here's an example: "C:\Program Files\Gcompris\gcompris.exe" -a -b C:\Users\Public\gcconfig\gc.db

GCompris can be made portable very easily by installing it on the target thumb drive and adding in its directory a gcompris.conf configuration file which includes a local user and configuration directory. The directory are specified as relative to the gcompris.exe binary.

If your language is in the partially supported list, or is no more or not yet supported at all, and you want to help, please contact us ( and we will give you instructions to get started translating.

If you prefer to not use the store, or if you only want the free demo version, you can still download it from our Download page, and buy the activation code to unlock all the activities. The store is just one more way to distribute GCompris, and to provide some income to support the project.

As usual, the full version is free on Free-Software operating systems like GNU/Linux, but for proprietary operating systems like Windows, the full version has a cost. Of course, the source code of GCompris is and will always be under a Free-Software license.

It is an important release because we officially drop the Gtk+ version for Windows to use the Qt one. Everyone who bought the full version for the last two years will get a new activation code in a few days.

Some numbers, within a year GCompris had 1211 commits made by 19 contributors representing 34000 lines of code plus the 8 KDE translation teams who reached 100% (Ukrainian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Dutch, Chinese Simplified and Brazilian Portuguese).

After looking at different options, I settled on Qt Quick. It is a modern toolkit based on a novative descriptive language called QML that let you describe the user interface, javascript that complement it to code the game logic. It is also possible to develop the non graphical part of the application in C++ with Qt.

In order to validate this choice, I did a prototype and this convinced me that it was a pertinent choice for GCompris. Even if this is a new technology, the learning curve is acceptable, with very few code you can create a very good looking activitiy. In my test it takes about half the lines of code to make the same activity in Qt Quick than we used to in Python and we get a better graphical quality.

The site is now generated on the fly including the screenshots pages. Very important, the new site translation is managed through po files like the GCompris code base making it easier for translators to localize the web site.

The first major change has been driven by the Sugar community. On the XO there was a need to distribute the activities individually. Since the early days of GCompris, we had properly separated the core engine and the activities but the laters were shared in a single folder. Now each activity in GCompris have a single directory. This includes its code and its data (menu, icon, images, sounds, data set).

Although the roots of GCompris is a community project, the quality of software today justifies a business model. The chosen one is the "shareware". The freely downloadable version for Windows and MacOSX is a demonstration, and the user is prompted to purchase the activation code to access all activities.

Being able to dismiss notifications popups just by clicking on them with the middle button and forcing the activation of a virtual keyboard in any application improves usability and accessibility; and warning you before you open an executable file boosts safety, as it can stop you from running a hazardous program unintentionally.

Itinerary developers have been very busy over the last few months and have added an integrated barcode scanner that allows you to import paper tickets into the app, as well as support for flat rate tickets or discount program cards.

Filelight let's you see clearly how much room you have in your storage and find out what is taking up so much space! Developers have overhauled Filelight's appearance to modernize its look and, in the process, made the code easier to maintain by porting it to QtQuick.

Before I talk about the idea of this month, I still want to write something about the last one and what resulted of it. In the first three or four months after the publication of the first edition it seemed as if nobody had time to implement the idea. Therefor and because I had to learn programming for my studies I tried it myself. I wrote a not yet satisfying program in C++ that generates random numbers through a bash script that the program writes to a file with LaTeX formatting. The two commands latex and dvips transform this file into an Postscript file which is printed by lpr. I'll release the program and a short description in a few days on [10] under the terms of the GNU GPL. At this point still a thank you to Diego Kuonen for his help with the LaTeX syntax. Then before approximately one and a half month I received an email form Franziska Meyer that she implemented the idea too. But she made it by far more interesting. Because she was already familiarising herself with PHP at that time, she had the idea to implement it as a web service (I want to use this new word once too ;-). Thought and done and like this it is possible today going on her website [17] to generate a worksheet which is downloadable as a pdf-file for the quarter of an hour. An ingenious idea as I think; because like this you don't even have to install a separate program. When I asked her to release the source code to install it perhaps in an Intranet she said: "Ok, ich überleg's mir mal - und schaue den Code durch, ob ich den wirklich freigeben kann ;-)" (Ok, I think about it - and will go through the code whether I can really release that ;-)). Here too a great thank you to ZIS for her effort.

[1] Criticism, questions, comments, ideas and more please to: [2] Homepage of the GNU project: [3] Homepage of GCompris: [4] Homepage of the PingoS: [5] Registration to the PingoS: [6] Helper-card of the PingoS: [7] Mailing lists of the PingoS: [8] Main list of the PingoS: [9] Already finished projects of the PingoS: [10] Homepage of "ALIS - Arbeitsgruppe Linux an Schulen" (Swiss work group for linux at school): [11] Software of the PingoS: [12] Homepage of Tipptrainer: [13] Skript collection of thePingoS: [14] Documentation and schooling brochures of the PingoS: [15] page of SelfLinux: [16] Homepage of SelfLinux: [17] 1x1 worksheets generating online and downloading: [18] Homepage of TUX&GNU@school:


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