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Sultan Nikolaev
Sultan Nikolaev

Floating Weeds YIFY

I love zombie flicks. I even love bad zombie flicks. There's a certain humor to the awfulness of b-movie horror. But, this garbage was just that - a reeking pile of crap. It wasn't funny. It wasn't realistic in any way. It was just a waste of time, effort and energy. Who green lit this? The acting was just awful. The dialogue was stupid and pure nonsense. *SPOILER ALERT* The characters did things that made no sense at all - let me just sit here in the middle of nowhere and allow this thing to gnaw on my thigh. Also, shooting this film was a mess too - some dialogue was unintelligible. The demon-whatever-they-were floating in the air was just bad and unfocused (literally and figuratively). But hey, you know it must be bad since I am writing the first review for a film that is already 2 years old. Move on. Nothing to see here. Even Navy Seals vs. Zombies was better than this - and that was awful!

Floating Weeds YIFY



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