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How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

Powder coating is a dry metal finishing method for rust and corrosion protection. At Rusty Lions, we are a trusted name in high-quality metal finishing with affordable powder coating costs. We can protect your machinery and equipment against damage with added durability and attractiveness. 

If you're looking for powder coating costs in New Jersey, look no further. The national average ranges between $100 to $1000. The final cost is determined by several factors like surface area, time, and required labor. 

 Powder Coating Cost of Common Items

·        Rims

The average cost for powder coating rims is $550, depending on the surface area.

·        Automotive Items

The price of coating automotive items ranges between $400-$1000. However, small items like grills or bumpers will cost $75-$100 each.

·        Outdoor Furniture

Powder coating costs for furniture vary greatly. While outdoor patio chairs may cost $75, king-size beds can go upwards of $200. 

·        Fences & Gates

Architectural elements like fences, gates, and railings are calculated per square footage. Approximate price ranges from $6-$8. 


High-quality Powder Coating Services in New Jersey

Contact us to discuss your project and for a free estimate. Learn more about powder coating services by Rusty Lions by calling 347-613-8103 or emailing today.


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