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Tamu Bookstore Buyback [TOP]

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tamu bookstore buyback

(13) Tier 1 capital is a measure of bank solvency consisting ofbank common shares, preferred shares, retained earnings and deferred taxassets. Risk-weighted assets are a bank's assets weighted according totheir risk. I use Berger and Bouwman's preferred measure of bankliquidity creation, a direct measure of bank illiquidity, given that when abank creates liquidity through loans and loan commitments to borrowers, itmakes itself more illiquid in the process. Their preferred measure ofliquidity creation is the "cat fat" measure, which classifies loansby category (cat) and includes off-balance sheet activities (fat). The catfat measure is calculated as follows: cat fat = 0.5 * illiquid assets (cat) +0 * semiliquid assets (cat) - 0.5 * liquid assets + 0.5 * liquid liabilities- 0.5 * illiquid liabilities - 0.5 * equity + 0.5 * illiquid guarantees - 0.5* liquid guarantees - 0.5 * liquid derivatives. Bank liquidity creation dataare available at 041b061a72


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