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Buy Steam Keys Reddit __EXCLUSIVE__

BTW, GMG is a legit official Steam Reseller. Unlike Kinguin and G2A, which are grey market resellers. Grey market resellers are at best, game keys resold that probably shouldn't be resold. At worst, they sometimes contain stolen keys, or keys purchased with stolen credit cards.

buy steam keys reddit

BUT, always make sure you do not buy a key from someone with a very low rating/amount of sales. These people can't be trusted and may be using stolen credit cards to buy games/refund their purchase. The ones who are less likely do to so, are those with over 10000 ratings. You don't sell that many keys by being a jackass after all. I'd recommend looking at Steam first and compare the price, if the difference is only a few dollar/cents, ask yourself this "are the small savings worth the potential hassle if this blows in my face?".

It's a lot harder to get scammed on physical resale sites. People have done tests where they just straight up post fake keys, and always get away with it. Either way I wouldn't buy from, say, eBay. I would buy from Kijiji if I wanted used products.

The difference between G2A and something like Kijiji is that with G2A, anyone can illegitimately buy a thousand keys and quickly sell them in a matter of days. Not that easy with a physical good. And then, the companies actually lose money, not just make no money.

Im planning to buy Final Fantasy x hd remastered and i was looking to see when a discount would appear. One of the comments i saw said to write "cheap steam games" and i saw CDkeys. What do you think about that website? The game im looking for is like 8.50 on CDkeys and on steam is like 20 (i dont want to wait until summer xd).

An authorized retailer gets game keys directly from publishers, eliminating any worry of invalid or fraudulent keys. These are the safest places to buy games other than the official storefronts. On top of that, your money is guaranteed to get to the developer and publisher.

The source of third-party keys is where it gets tricky. Most sellers do seem to get their product via predominantly legitimate means like wholesale purchases and regional sales. This allows game prices at third-party stores to often be much lower than at official retailers.

The Quick Answer If your only concern is getting a cheap, working key, then Kinguin is a generally legit place to buy games and software from. However, if you care about the legality of your game keys and whether sellers obtained them from authorized sources, then...

"Resellers", better known as gray-market or unauthorized key resellers, are retailers that do not work directly with publishers to sell their game keys. Instead they'll buy codes from regions where games are cheaper, or through third-party sellers. These third-parties are generally unknown to the end buyer, which makes it a blind purchase.

A common misconception is that keys bought from resellers are cheaper because they're "bought in bulk", and they can pass the savings on to the consumer. This is not the case. Instead, these keys typically come from regions where they've been priced for that economic climate. When we buy from sites that resell these keys, we are actively encouraging publishers to increase those regional prices or implement region locks on their games. To dodge the region lock, many resellers now request/require buyers to use a VPN or proxy to activate and play the purchase. This is more than just an inconvenience, it is a violation of the Steam subscriber agreement and could get your account banned.

A scam has recently emerged of pretending to be a journalist or Youtuber and asking for review keys from devs. Those keys are then sold on gray markets at a profit. When you don't know the source of the keys you're buying, you have no way of knowing if they "fell off a truck" or not.

We'd be remiss to not offer a list of safer alternatives. /r/GameDeals provides a list of safer alternatives on their Web site. While these are far from the only safe sites to buy from, they are verified distributors of digital Steam keys and are widely used.

We wanted to keep this an approachable guide without inundating you with information. Feel free to ask questions in the relevant subreddits and we'll do our best to answer. Please do avoid posting links directly to resellers (as AutoModerator will instantly remove the comment), but otherwise this is an open discussion.

Yeah, too many pitch-fork-wielding dumbasses in there, angry about the charge-backs and stolen keys, without understanding that that is on the banks (chargeback fees) and the developer's sites (easily bypassable checks). They oppose G2A as if whatever that replace them wouldn't enable the same abuse (Kinguin for example, is worse), rather than the pro-consumer ability to re-sell keys which is the core of it.Honestly...How the hell is G2A supposed to detect if a key was or not stolen without the devs telling them?How the hell are they responsible for developers having stolen cards used on their own sites?How the hell is anyone supposed to check if a Steam key is valid without an appropriate API from Steam?

Kinguin tries to pretend more that it cares about key legitimacy, so it is more of a hassle to post there. It also has a much higher upfront fee/share ratio from keys. In exchange they maintain a more acceptable public face, partly thanks to avoiding all of the major shitstorms that hit the key selling sites (and mostly G2A). It is a similar (or, some think, the exact same) Hong Kong based European company though. Still, if you really want to buy something from the grey market and don't care about the obvious and blatant risks, then Kinguin is the place where you'll be least likely get fucked over by some dick.

To be fair, props to the G2A guys for answering all the questions, because most AMAs have the person in question dodge all the controversial questions and only answer the simple ones. They're actively trying to answer to all the reddit users calling them out on their bullshit, and trying to affirm that they're not what anyone claims them to be. It doesn't convince me one bit but dang, I'm impressed.

Theoretically.On the flip side, check the "American" and the "British" group (who accidentally deal in a lot of Russian keys but no other region-restricted ones beyond those) with the 5 and 6 digit sales and the thousands of fake key reports. Somehow they are still there, after hundreds upon hundreds, up to thousands of fake key reports and possible chargebacks. No bans. This guy way banned after ONE. Those are there after a lot, lot more.

This whole episode so accurately illustrates the mindset of the people who run G2A: profits first, all else second. They don't give a flying fuck about anyone's security, rights or money unless it's their own. An actually reputable marketplace that respected your custom would have let you access any funds you were due, regardless of what other measures were taken against your account. But this petty minded act of personal revenge against a user who publicly humiliated them does nothing to protect against actual fraud/scamming, it doesn't even acknowledge the issues that were highlighted with the whole thing. He's still allowed to list stuff for sale there, though, wouldn't want to stop the flow of them fat profitz now (theirs, not his or yours) - minor inconveniences like fake keys and unassuming poor fools getting robbed be damned.

Not really how you wrote it, but that's the thing about formless blobs of text...If you mean Steam should improve its shitty API to allow for checking the validity of keys without redeeming them, like you can do with Xbox and PSN, then I agree (like I stated above).

You could always find some kind of alternative websites like craiglist or else to resell fraudulent keys. If you want to incriminate each non-officially/specially authorized marketplaces, then there are plenty of candidates.

The last time I saw a game go this viral on reddit it was another beautiful city builder: Wandering Village. Here was the Wandering Village viral reddit post which earned almost twice as many upvotes.

Those top line gaming subreddits are the only ones with a big enough population that can propel you to the front page of all of reddit (r/all.) Those are the subs that really put you in front of gamers.

Indie favorites like r/indiegames (124k), r/IndieGaming (262K) are tiny in comparison. Sure you can post there and you will get some wishlists but if you really want to move numbers like this, you have to go for the big subreddits.

The Laysara: Summit Kingdom steam page went live a few weeks before the post. He gathered about 1800 wishlists by sharing his trailer and getting press from Polish gaming site (which earned about 100 wishlists) as well as a Japanese gaming site (500 wishlists).

But the viral reddit posts and the 11K wishlists were just a start. Valve representatives at Q&As have said over and over that if you bring outside traffic to Steam, they will reward you with more high-quality Steam traffic. And it is true: here is a graph proving that. See that Brown line? That is Discovery Queue and is the primary way that Valve directs valuable traffic to your game.

People are constantly posting on this community page with keys, free Steam games, codes, and other ways to access Steam games for either completely free or at least at a huge discount.

Gaming beyond the most casual experience is limited on the Mac, not least in part because of Steam's more limited title of macOS compatible games, which is nowhere near as extensive as its Windows library. The introduction of Steam Link to macOS will let users game on their Mac harnessing the processing power of a device that can run Steam games in the first place, for example, a hefty gaming PC. This can be useful for example, if you'd like to smash some of your Steam backlog from the comfort of a bed or a sofa, rather than at your battle station. It can also be used with a few different devices at once, as one reddit user noted: 041b061a72


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