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LabStats Software
LabStats Software

Manage Software Resources Efficiently with Computer Lab Software Management

A robust software license management system is required by every organization that provides resources to stakeholders. To purchase new software or update an existing one, they need a monitoring tool that gives them real-time insights into usage data. Paid software has licenses that the user needs to agree to before usage. 

LabStats is a market-leading computer lab software management tool that gives you the power to manage all licenses in your environment from a single dashboard. You can analyze how your software is used, who is using the software, where it is being used, and when it is being used.  

What do you Get with our Computer Lab Software Management Tool?

With our computer lab software management tool, you get maximum utility across your software environment. With real-time usage insights, you get a better understanding of how software is being used and the ones that aren't. These analytics are critical to making license purchasing decisions, such as which licenses to purchase, the number of licenses needed, and when to purchase. By stretching the limits of each software, you can optimize usage and provide resources to your students. 

Some benefits of our computer lab software management tool are:

·        Tracking

Track all used and unused licenses across your campus and remotely. 

·        Software Compliance

Get detailed software license compliance reports for complying with license requirements and protection from software audits. 

·        Productivity

By optimizing resource allocation, you can boost productivity in your organization. 

·        Cyber Security

Detecting and removing all unauthorized licenses that pose cyber security risks.

Start a Free Trial Today

Get rid of unnecessary software licenses to increase efficiency and productivity while cutting down on costs with LabStats. Start a free trial today. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to


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